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navigating this site

There are three simple rules for navigating this eRidley website, along with one warning and a final encouragement:

(1) The navigation bar along the top of the screen will always show you where you are. This is the bar with a gold background and a trail of levels (e.g. eRidley Information Navigating). You can move backwards through the site by clicking on one of the previous levels linked here. The leftmost of these (eRidley) returns you to the front page of the site. Using this navigation bar is better than using your web browser’s BACK button.

(2) There are other aids on most screens. For example, above the navigation bar there are several menus to take you quickly to key pages. Whereas the navigation bar shows where you currently are, the menus show a number of places where you might like to go.

(3) Otherwise, everything else should be much like surfing the web. This site uses a gold colour for links, which changes when you place your cursor over them. Links tend to fall into two categories. Those which navigate around the site simply take you where you (hopefully) want to go. Others links open new reading material or redirect you to an external site; these open in a new window, leaving your old location as it was.

(4) Be wary that you can compress displays. When you're viewing a particular unit, you should be able to see an overview of the entire semester, even if there's content displayed only up to the current week. If you can see only a single week, you should try the following fix.

You can show only one week or show all weeks. At the right-hand side of each week's entry, there's an icon. It's either a single square/box or a double one (like a square with an H superimposed). Clicking this icon alternates between showing a single week only and the full semester.

(5) Dive in! As with anything you have to learn, there is no substitute for familiarity. Dive in and start clicking. You can’t actually hurt anything (though note the display warning at (4) above)! There are various shortcuts you might discover. For example, you’ll find at the bottom of most screens a box which takes you back to the main page of the site or of your current unit. Similarly, most windows offer some navigation options in the box on the right-hand side. There are sometimes other menus and links to dabble with as well.

Feedback on how the site works, and how you navigate through it, is always welcome.

Last modified: Tuesday, 19 March 2013, 8:37 AM
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